On a mission

Innovating for companies to implement, profitable sustainability programs, efficient compliance, and accelerated process transformation agendas. Enabling companies to manage a successful transition into the carbon neutral economy.

Achieve strategic, economic, and sustainability business results while together we thrust your company into a bright future.


We are

Aut labore quasi ex neque sapiente et possimus
Aut labore quasi ex neque sapiente et possimus
Aut labore quasi ex neque sapiente et possimus
HENUA TECHNOLOGIES is a climate action technology startup that was born in the Harvard Innovation Lab's 2023 “Creating Climate Ventures” class.

Combining environmental management technology, innovation and business intelligence, its SaaS solutions enable companies of all sizes to implement sustainability, compliance and process transformation programs for carbon neutrality that are efficient and profitable.

HENUA TECHNOLOGIES approach is accelerating the adoption of sustainable, and carbon neutral processes and business models. Companies can align sustainability with corporate business strategic and economic goals. The SaaS solutions have a rapid implementation and high ROI.     

Join us
There is a bright future in the carbon neutral economy.

Founding team

Juan Manuel Zavala

Technology entrepreneur with extensive experience as CTO for SaaS and high performance distributed systems. Specialized in fintech, telecommunications and insurance industries. Deployments at Santander Bank, Zurich, Webpay, and Valparaiso Port Authority. Led deployment of social media platform for 16 countries. Software engineer, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria.
Octavio A. Zapata
Board Member

Business executive with extensive experience as CEO. Has worked at Xerox, Adobe Systems, Canon USA, VTR Globalcom. Led Swedish fintech ReadSoft into 22 countries in Latin America, led Dimacofi into Best Managed Chilean Companies. Pioneered circular economy initiatives.  Electrical Engineer, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. MBA, Harvard Business School.

Networks and alliances

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